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A seagull and a crab find friendship and compromise in this sweet and humorous story about the meaning of perfection.

The sky is blue, the sun is warm, the breeze is cool–it’s a perfect day for Seagull, perched on a rock in the sea. That is, until crabby Crab comes along and points out all of the day’s flaws! There’s a cloud in the sky, a smelly boat in the distance, and the rock that they’re sitting on is covered in barnacles.

In this sweet and funny story about finding happiness amidst flaws, Seagull and Crab learn that nothing is more perfect than spending time with friends.

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"This stand-out is the rare picture-storybook that develops distinct characters, creates dramatic tension, and then resolves the story beautifully, all in less than 100 words. Bravo!"

        - Providence Journal

"Brannen's spare dialogue... makes for lovely opportunities to talk with young readers about the story. The rich watercolor art employs multiple techniques to create textural contrast... A sweet, simple friendship story buoyed by sophisticated art."

        - Kirkus Reviews

"This inviting picture book explores how companionship can be the sweetest reward of all. A timeless tale of embracing friendship among differing points of view... this humorous title will appeal to both young audiences and adults who can relate to seagull's steadfast optimism under a constant barrage of griping."

        - School Library Journal

"...the dialogue-only text is easy to read aloud or alone, and the dynamic of cheerful friend vs. gloomy friend is a classic one. Brannen's line and watercolor art is clean, simple and sunny, with wide swathes of sea and sky dominating most spreads, while expressions are distinct yet craftily minimal."

        - Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"Using a variety of perspectives to highlight each new detail that changes viewers' understanding of the scene, the attractive art, along with the snappy text, leaves plenty of room for the humor to stand out in this tribute to the ups and downs of a day - and a friendship."

        - The Horn Book

"Objects outlined in black stand out in the large attractive paintings and that, along with a short text, creates a simple story perfect for very young listeners. How the two differing personalities come together as friends will please young readers."

        - ALA Booklist

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