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Madame Martine

Madame Martine Breaks the Rules

Written and illustrated by Sarah S. Brannen
(Albert Whitman & Co., September 1 2015)

In the sequel to Madame Martine, Madame Martine and Max have a new adventure and make a new friend. Max runs away again - straight into the Louvre Museum. The two friends, with their friend Louis, race through the museum evading guards and getting glimpses of some great works of art along the way. A "warm, gentle adventure"
 Publisher's Weekly 

"This charming picture book takes viewers inside the Louvre... both the simply told story and the nicely composed illustrations use details sparingly and effectively."

Reviews and Articles

"The exquisitely rendered watercolor illustrations are full of charm and expression,

becoming more colorful and saturated as Martine's heart gets fuller. Enchanting."
— Kirkus Reviews


"...Madame Martine, the dour, elderly star of this sweet-natured story about the joys
to be found in trying something new... Brannen illustrates her tale of an expanded viewpoint with gently drafted watercolor scenes of vibrant Paris streetscapes the gradually brighten, right along with Madame Martine's wardrobe - and attitude."
 Publisher's Weekly

"Brannen’s simple but endearing tale is a delight. Children will giggle during the playful adventure to the Eiffel Tower, teachers and parents will appreciate the lesson in opening up to new things. Brannen’s pencil and watercolor illustrations are delicate and masterful... Recommended"
 Library Media Connection 

"Brannen's plump-figured watercolors are also appealing..."
 School Library Journal

"It’s a wonderful story of how friends — including animal friends — can help us to expand our horizons and change ourselves for the better. Brannen’s lovely watercolor illustrations give us a view of Paris distinctly different from that in Ludwig Bemelmans’ Madeline, yet still captivating."

Madame Martine

Written and illustrated by Sarah S. Brannen
(Albert Whitnam & Co., 2014)

Madame Martine lives in Paris and follows the same routine every day. She takes for granted the beautiful things that exist all around her. She refuses to go to the Eiffel Tower because it's "just for tourists." One day Madame Martine finds a stray dog and decides to take him home. When she tries keeping her dog on the same schedule, he breaks free, leading Madame Martine on a wild chase up the Eiffel Tower! Upon reaching the top, she discovers how much beauty she has been missing all these years. From then on, the two friends try something different every week.

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