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The Greater Boston Illustrators' Group dreamed up #StoryMarch as the Covid-19 pandemic took over the daily lives of everyone we know. We hoped that #StoryMarch might be a fun way for artists of every age to stretch themselves a little and have fun.

#StoryMarch rules

     It's simple, easy and free! Here's how it works:

     Make a piece of art every day. Any medium: pencil, crayon, marker, ink, paint, photography, sculpture... anything! Use the words on the list below (you can change the order) or create your own list, but it's fun when everyone interprets the same word on the same day.

     The only rule is, each piece of art should connect to the one done the day before. At the end, you'll have a big complicated drawing or painting, or a collage, or a book, or a scroll, or a map... it's up to you.

     We hope parents will try this with their children, too, so that artists of any age can participate. Art teachers are welcome to use #StoryMarch with their classes, in school or online.

     Start on March 1, or any day that works for you. You can skip words but it's fun to try and interpret them all. If you like, use the hashtag #storymarch and post on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. 



Click here to learn about StoryMarch 2020

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