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Summertime Sleepers

Animals that Estivate

written by Melissa Stewart

What do mourning cloak butterflies have in common with pixie frogs and yellow-bellied marmots? They all estivate, or sleep through summer.

Everyone knows about hibernation, but this book by award-winning author Melissa Stewart offers young readers a lyrical look at its fascinating warm-weather counterpart—estivation. Discover how some creatures survive by snoozing through the hottest days of the year. A wonderful bed-time read-aloud.

        "Brannen's art is as captivating as the information it illuminates... the illustrations are not only incredibly enjoyable, they're accurate and informative. Summertime Sleepers is a gem that should spark children's interest in science, in the world around them and in the joy of learning." - Shelf Awareness, starred review

"Brannen's pleasing illustrations, both sketches and watercolor scenes, enable the audience to envision the animals within their habitats. An attractive science book on an uncommon but interesting topic." - Booklist

"A well-crafted and attractive text for animal fans, and a suitable introduction to the scientific concept of estivation... Gentle watercolor scenes include a small black-and-white page that resembles a guidebook entry."

- School Library Journal

"Budding biologists will especially appreciate this intriguing primer on a lesser-known process." - Publisher's Weekly

"The book gives a large amount of information which is easily taken in and digested through the different elements of the text and illustrations... young readers are in for an empowering, engaging, informative treat!" - Illinois News-Gazette

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